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A lot of digital content in a little space: With our portfolio, the entire digital range of a multimedia department can be displayed in an extremely small space. Whether POSA cards, software boxes or the ContentKiosk™ touch terminal - here is the correct sales concept for everyone.


Cards (POSA)

Software boxes (POSA)

SIM cards (risk-free)

Print ePIN (PIN on receipt)

The new touch terminal from ContentCard© opens the door to a large range of digital products for specialist retailers. Its modern, retail-ready design makes the ContentKiosk™ a real eyecatcher, allowing products to be displayed attractively in store.

  • Interactive touch terminal
  • Large virtual product portfolio
  • All products available at all times

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The POSA (Point of Sale Activation) Card is a packaging concept which allows digital products, for example licences for software or computer games, to be packed as a physical item and made available for purchase by customers in retail outlets.

  • No risk of theft
  • No capital lock-up
  • Makes it possible for a huge range of digital products to be displayed in a very small space

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The software box, like the POSA card, is a way to package digital products. Unlike the card, the familiar box form means that the classic sales experience is kept.

  • Secure handling
  • Activation at checkout
  • Physical shopping experience for customer

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The risk-free SIM card combines all the advantages of a prepaid SIM card and a POSA card. Following the POSA principle, the SIM card only gets its value once activated and registered at the checkout.

  • No risk of theft
  • the risk-free SIM card is delivered free of charge and is only charged for once it is sold.

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  • PIN or download link available directly via app or online shop
  • Can be sent by SMS or email

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