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The whole world of content in just one device

The newly developed ContentKiosk™ from ContentCard© is the perfect complement to classic POSA (point of sale activated) cards. The ContentKiosk™ is an interactive touch display which makes it very easy for the customer to select the product he or she wants. Its modern, retail-ready design makes the ContentKiosk™ a real eyecatcher, allowing products to be displayed attractively in store.

The ContentKiosk™ principle is easy to understand for customers: They choose the product they want and receive the relevant print-out. They then take the print-out to the checkout, where they pay and receive an active code which is easy to redeem online.

The ContentKiosk™ allows all retailers to stock the latest product portfolio at all times, with the display only taking up a very small space. Now retailers can offer a whole range of games, software, prepaid products, ebooks and entertainment products. Unlike online shops, this allows retailers to reach target groups who, perhaps for security reasons, do not want to make purchases online or who do have any credit or bank cards (as is often the case with young people). 

The tried and tested ContentCard© principle also applies to the ContentKiosk™ : There are no upfront investments for products and protection against theft is guaranteed thanks to the inactive code.