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SIM cards (risk-free)

Sell SIM cards without risk

More than 50% of all telephone tariffs available today are prepaid tariffs. Accordingly, the mobile prepaid business offers retailers a steady source of income and a high degree of customer loyalty and network providers a secure and constantly growing source of revenue.

The risk-free SIM card combines all the advantages of a prepaid SIM card and a POSA (point of sale activation) card. Following the POSA principle, the SIM card only gets its value once activated and registered at the checkout, making theft pointless. The risk-free SIM card is delivered free of charge and is only charged for once it is sold.

ContentCard© supports retailers with one of the largest portfolios of national and international mobile prepaid products and offers network providers access to a large international retail network.

Your advantages as a retailer

  • No risk of theft means products can be optimally displayed
  • No upfront investment or capital lock-up, helping to maximize margins
  • Products distributed and provided in the quantities required by the retailer, including automated replenishment shipments.
  • Support provided by the technical backoffice at ContentCard©

Your advantages as a manufacturer

  • Availability of terminals, online cash registers, prepaid top-up interfaces
  • Connection to prepaid top-up interface couldn’t be easier
  • All sales at a glance at all times
  • Simple, automated processing, activation and invoicing
  • Start also possible without technical connection
  • Riskfree sim cards are a valuable addition to the portfolio, underlining the retailers’ expertise in the eyes of the customer